A very brief review of Elementor Page Builder for Wordpress

Do you need a simple way to edit your Wordress page? For that the drag & drop Wordpress page builders were invented.

Builders are plugins that let you edit, rearrange and customize the content of a web page without having to know about code. Next I will write a brief (very brief) review of Elementor. One of the 3 best known.

But first, first, why use a Drag & Drop Builder for Wordpress?

Not all users have knowledge of HTML / CSS to edit pages. In fact, being Wordpress the most used platform for creating web pages, people who don’t have knowledge about HTML and CSS are more than those who do.


It is perhaps the best known and the one you have probably heard of. Elementor allows you to edit your “live” page by dragging blocks of content, reorganizing existing content and editing attributes such as block size, text size, etc.

One of the interesting things that Elementor has is that it also has a database with “templates” for your template. (matrix moment).

That means that you will be able to drag a complete block composed of other blocks to make editing your page super fast.

Among other good features that Elementor has and where they paid special attention was the design.

Elementor simply works. And that is important because the worst thing that can happen to us is to install a plugin that ends up breaking our page.

What about the mobile versions?

Elementor takes care of that too. At the time of editing your page you will see the option “view on mobile” view which will allow you to have an overview of how things are being seen. If there is something to edit, you can do it directly from there and Elementor will take care that everything looks good.


Is free.

Well, like everything in life, one part is free, for the other you have to pay.
The truth is that the free version is super complete and it is likely that many users won’t need to buy the Pro version.
What I recommend is to start with the free version and try it on your site. See what your needs are and in any case after trying everything out, buy the paid version.

The price at the time of writing this is $ 49 for the personal license and up to $ 199 for the unlimited license.

Check it out yourself

What others are saying:

I’ve been a Pro user since the very beginning but I’ve also built sites using the free version. So I have some experience with the issue. A lot of people focus on the features of Pro, but for me, what matters is the benefit you get from those features: fewer problems, easier to build sites, saves time and therefore money, etc.


If Elementor plugin reviews are anything to go by, you do not need to pay for this page builder even though it comes with a premium version. Close to 90% of the best Elementor features are found on the free version. When compared to other page builders in the market, the free Elementor version performs just as good if not better.


Elementor has a lot going for it. Even compared to the best WordPress builder plugins, the free and premium versions of Elementor have a high-quality interface. Working in the Elementor builder is very user-friendly. Simply drag and drop elements onto your page. Then point and click to start customizing them.