Apple Airpods Pro Landing Page

Not everything Apple does is good, but everything Apple does attracts attention. This time I must admit that I am a little surprised because I think that the page they put together for the launch of the Air Pods Pro meets the two characteristics.

I am generally not very fond of what Apple does in the web version of its sites. I think that many times what they do has an “old” feel and coming from the largest company in the world I always expect more from them.

For the launch of the Air Pods Pro however they put together a super entertaining site. With a lot of interactivity with the scroll, the detail to which we are accustomed and I think that in general they achieved an excellent product landing page experience.

I leave the link in case you want to see it.

PD: Did you want to buy them too after scrolling to the bottom or that’s just me?

This is what Google did for the launch of their Pixel Buds in terms of web design

I don’t know about you but I think on this one it is Apple 1 - Google 0.