Avada, BeTheme and The 7 - Top 3 Best-Selling Wordpress Themes

Friday is almost here, Halloween is coming and it is time to see what the best-selling wordpress templates were this week (at least in ThemeForest - it is my intention to incorporate new marketplaces very soon!)

Avada, always Avada

In case you live under a tree, you should know that this template, which tops the ranking once again, is the best selling on the face of the earth since the earth exists.

Already in version 6.1 Avada continues to sell a lot. The template has sold more than 548,223 units which distances it by quite a bit from its closest competitors.

It is amazing what they managed to do with this template and how it evolved from its version 1.0 until now.

This is another example that a template does not have to have a limited lifespan if its developers spend time keeping it updated. Just look at the reward!

Be Theme

BeTheme is interesting because, although it is not a new wordpress template, it is not very old either, however it managed to position itself in second place in sales a long time ago.

One thing that helps in this is the immense amount of Demos with which the template comes and the versatility to adapt to many different uses.

They have more than 700 sales this week

The 7

It is one step away from becoming the second best-selling wordpress template in ThemeForest. It already has 162,949 sales and with just 10,000 more it would surpass BeTheme.

Much of this I think is given because the template is in promotion for only $ 39 dollars.
With the versatility it has (they define it as the most customizable template in history) it is understood why it has so many sales. A mix of good price + good design + customization is making The 7 unstoppable.