Chester React Template Review on ThemeForest

Chester is a template made in React (we will start to see more React templates more frequently) for those who need to create a personal portfolio.

The design and interactions are not revolutionary, but the template in general is correct if what you are looking for is to be able to show a portfolio with your data and some of your work.

The fact that it is built in React makes the template response super fast and load time is very fast too. Plus point there. :fast_forward:

For the colors, the author chose the range of blues so perhaps the template is more oriented to the tech industry … (or maybe that is just a pre-concept of mine :stuck_out_tongue: )

The price is $ 20. I think maybe the price is a bit high (not because the template is not worth it) but because of the competition in the same price range, but let’s see how the market reacts. :moneybag: