Is Grammarly Worth Paying For?

If you are a living being and don’t use an Ad Blocker, it is very likely that you have heard of Grammarly. It is this kind of spell checker + high school teacher that helps you correct your texts.

Apparently they use artificial intelligence (like the hot dog stand in the corner today) to offer suggestions for improving the texts.

I tried them a few years ago and they seemed like a revolutionary service. I’m talking to you before Google releases its own version of Grammarly for Gmail

And when Grammarly prices were not what they are today.

The problem they have is that the free version offers absolutely nothing more than what you can do with any existing tool since the time of the Romans. And the problem with the paid version is that … well, you have to pay it.

It costs about $ 12 dollars per month (if you pay yearly in advance) and offers grammatical corrections that, as I could see during the test time are really worth it, especially if english is not your mother language (like is my case) or if writing is a good part of your job.

But, the question is: Is it worth paying $ 12 per month for that or are there other options that do the same thing cheaper?

I am putting together a list of options that can be used separately or together with Grammarly to improve your writing! I hope to have it ready before the weekend.