Kano Wordpress Template on ThemeForest Review

Kano is the new template from ypromo, an elite user of Themeforest that has (at the time of writing this) more than 8000 sales and 230 raitings with 5 stars.

Therefore, we can expect something good from him (or they … I think it must be a team at this point)

Anyway, let’s go back to the template.

First impressions

It’s okay. It doesn’t drive me crazy initially, but it doesn’t make me look the other way either. It’s like those designs that when you see it you realize that you have to look at it a little more in detail.

In the description they offer on ThemeForest they sell it as a “MultiPurpose” template, thing with which I do not agree. Not because they are doing something wrong, this is something recurring in ThemeForest, there are many templates that describe themselves as MultiPurpose, when in reality it is not so.

If you are thinking of opening a Web Hosting company, then Kano is not for you. If what you are going to open is an organic vegetable eCommerce. Neither.

But, on the other hand, if your thing is furniture, design, decoration, art, or you have a digital or creative agency, then Kano may meet your needs when designing your website.


Gray is the predominant color, with some yellow (gold?) As a secondary color.

Aesthetics in general is attractive and elegant.
They make use of rounded edges to mask the images in many cases, which I applaud because it gives a little differentiation with many other templates.

As for the loading speed Google Page Speed scores a 69/100 for the desktop version and 43/100 for the mobile version.


And honestly I don’t have much more to say about the template. Like when I started this review, it seems to me that the template is correct without being revolutionary.

The price is $37 and you can check it out here