Ovent Conference Wordpress Theme on ThemeForest Review

It was time for a good event template to appear. In a time when everything that is an event seems to be going directly through social networks, it is time for event templates to raise their game to the occasion.

I liked it a lot. It is fresh, it looks dynamic and meets the goal that was proposed to attack.
It is designed for those users who need a website to promote a conference.


I like the use of typography and colors in general. The designers opted for a magenta and shades of blue for much of the site which gives it a youthful and refreshing look and feel.

For the images masks were used that break with the traditional rectangular scheme and help to maintain the concept of the template.


Ovent has all the features you can expect from a template created for events and conferences.
Dedicated pages of each event and each speaker as well as maps, about us and all the other pages that are basically a standard today in any template that intends to be sold.

Obviously, if you are thinking about buying it, you can see a full detail in the product description or in the preview link that I leave below.

Something that I found interesting is that it is WooCommerce ready. You may wonder, why do I want WooCommerce in a conference site? Reality is that there are lots of conferences that sell merchandising or other products (in addition to the tickets obviously) so that’s a big plus.

As for the speed, it responded very well on desktop with 90/100 and mediocre on mobile with 43/100 according to Google Page Speed.


In conclusion, I found it a very nice template that fulfills the function for which it was created. At $ 29 it seems an appropriate price and I think it might compete hand in hand with other templates in the niche.