Penang Ghost 3.0 Template

If you don’t know what Ghost is, I suggest you should start reading about it.

The truth is that the platform has been growing steadily over the last year and now with the release of version 3.0 and the possibility of generating memberships and subscriptions it is possible that it will continue to do so.

Penang is one of the first ThemeForest templates developed for Ghost 3.0 and definitely the first to be released in November.


The design is simple. But simple is good. All Ghost templates are designed to receive visitors who are focused on the content and not so much on the aesthetics of the site. In that sense Penang fulfills that function.

Whites and grays predominate and images are what give the template a touch of color.

If visited a Medium site before, you will feel identified immediately, because the template has many similarities with the site.

As for the elements, Penang is already bundled with some elements that help with the layout of the text such as tables, epigraphs, highlights, image alignments and more.

The price of the template is $ 69 which is not bad if we consider that those who are interested in buying it are thinking of launching a subscription site.

If writing is your thing, I recommend you take a look at the template to see what you think.