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Avada is the best selling template in the history of Wordpress and ThemeForest. With more than 525,000 sales and $31,000,000 generated, it will take some time for its competitors to reach it.

Why do so many people buy the Avada template?

Avada was one of the first templates to incorporate the idea of ​​"website builder". They created “Fusion” which is the equivalent of Divi or Elementor and allows you to add blocks of content to pages with a simple drag & drop. Today it may seem the most common in the world, but a few years ago it was not.
Another thing that makes Avada very particular is that it is one of the few templates (perhaps together with BeTheme) that have a website builder developed by themselves and do not rely on using Elementor or Visual Composer.

Another reason is the options. Avada literally has hundreds of options to customize. This makes it one of the most flexible templates in the market. With Avada you can create virtually any type of page for any type of client.

Another thing that is the ability to import pre-created pages. Avada was also one of the first to incorporate the idea of ​​"downloadable demos" and allow customers to download entire pages with a single click.
Today other templates such as BeTheme or The 7 do the same, but being the first always gives an advantage.

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Fusion Options

Avada just Incorporated Gravity Forms to the Fusion Builder

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